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In memoriam Henk de Brueys

Henk de Brueys the owner of this website passed away on 13 september 2015.
This site is kept online as a memorial to a man who dedicated his life to the pigeonsport.

After more then six decades in the sport Henk had friends all over the world from South Africa to China.
We would like to thank them all for being such an important part of his life.






Last week we were informed that the preparations for the F.C.I. Olympic Races 2012 move now rapidly. The participation coupons which one has to buy to enter one of the races are for sale now  and as far we understand one can contact his national organization for more detailed information re. this matter. We advice to you to follow the publications in your weekly’s and flyers which will be distributed on a large scale at the coming shows. The representatives of the F.C.I. were in contact with their German contact person who showed them the planned liberation site in Berlin. For more information you can visit the following site: 
Also from users of our products we received positive news. One of the most fervent users of “Octacon 4.250” and Recovery Powder 5.500 , Adriaan de Bruin achieved in 2011 , compared with the well known lofts, with a limited number of pigeons remarkable results. For further information re. this fancier please see below.  More articles regarding fanciers with real top results, a limited number of pigeons and looking for a natural way of keeping pigeons will be published soon on this site.                                                                                                                                                                    


Yours in sport,
Henk de Brueijs.          



Carrier pigeon used by the Free Syrian Army to send messages

Pigeons used by the Free Syrian Army


Even in modern times one is still using pigeons to carry messages in case of disorder of the normal communications. The movie takes 5.17 min. and gives an insight in daily live with pigeons somewhere in the Middle East.

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RAPTORS a look into the future ?

By: Henk de Brueijs.

RAPTORS…………………a look into the future ?

Following the discussions regarding this subject in all kind of “pigeon” media  I like to give from this place an insight in this subject in The Netherlands.

The surface area of the UK is 6 times that of The Netherlands while the number of inhabitants is 3,6 times larger. The so called Randstad, a continuous development of industry and houses and an estimated population of 7.100,000 is one of the largest conurbations in Europe covering an area of just approximately 8,250 ( 860 per The ethnic groups are 80% Dutch and 20% “multi-cultural’. The House of Representatives has 150 members of which an important part “green” or same color thinking. Even a political party with the name “Animal Party” is represented with 2 members.

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Latest News” South of England Pigeon Show Epsom”. (SEPSE)



The heading could apply to your hat if you were at Blackpool Show last weekend, the wind was so strong, but it doesn’t refers to “The South of England Pigeon Show Epsom” to be held on Saturday November 3rd.

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The South of England Pigeon Show





Sat having a chat,and a few beers over the festive period,a group of South London fanciers thought it would be a good idea to organise a pigeon show for southern fanciers,"on their doorstep" so to speak.So their first priority was to source a venue that was 'central' to southern England.Not only did they find the ideal venue,but one that fittingly has a sporting history stretching back hundreds of years,just like the racing pigeon sport,and is known throughout the world as the home of the greatest horse race ever............'the Epsom Derby'.

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